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Yard Two in April
First Harvest of the Season.
Garden one in April
My Scrap Blanket

Yard Two in April

Yard two is actually my mother’s yard while she has a lovely vegetable garden, she has had dogs and little time for many years so this yard has a lot of blank dead space and plants far past their prime. The things I am looking forward to are, a large mulberry tree, a sunny deck for pots and my green house now lives in this yard. We soon will be staying in my mother’s house while they are in another country for work so this will be my main garden.










this yard has lots of potential and is already showing life. I can’t wait to see what it has to offer.


First Harvest of the Season.


This morning I walked out into my yard for the fist real harvest of the season. I pulled 5 stalks of ruhbarb to make strawberry ruhbarb oatmeal for breakfast! 20150404_102423

I started this ruhbarb from seed 2 years ago and this is my first year of really getting to harvest it. I spent $3.85 on the pack of seeds from John scheepers ( )



My Scrap Blanket


I started this blanket a few months ago and it will take me years to finish.  The blanket is made with all the odd and end yarn left after projects are done. I am extremely excited about this project as it satisfies my desire to not waste anything but also my desire for a deeper connection to the world and my friends and family.