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Cereal with a twist.
What we ate Wednesday
Buy nuts and seeds in bulk.
What we ate Wednesday
What we ate Wednesday.

Cereal with a twist.


Cereal is boring, expensive and not particularly good for you ,yet I still have a soft spot for it.  The redeeming quality of Cereal is that it’s fast, crunchy and my entire family loves it. I only buy cereal a few times a year. When I buy it I want to make it last and have it fill my family up.  Somtimes we eat our cereal as a topping on yogurt but generally we just pull out our fruit, nuts and seed to top. Today’s cereal was rice chex topped with walnuts, banana, raspberries, Chia and flax seeds. My younger son and husband had flax milk with theirs and my older son and I had it with whole milk. Yum!


What we ate Wednesday


Left over soup!

Does everyone make left over soup or is this unique to my family? When I was little my mother always made leftover soup around once a week. We make leftover soup about every other week because I send left overs for lunch. Left over soup is one of the simplest things you can make. Just pull out a pot, toss in all your leftovers, and cover with broth. This last batch was good but a tad odd as it had taco filling a mint risotto. The key is to taste and add seasoning to complement the dominant flavor. In the case of this soup it was mint! How do you fix minty chicken soup? I added some red curry paste and it was AMAZING!

So why not make some left over soup? …..

It will save you money.

It is fast.

Best of all it tastes like it was a lot of work.


Buy nuts and seeds in bulk.


Buying nuts and seeds in bulk will save you tons of money, but only if you use them up. I always buy my nuts and seeds in bulk because we use them daily. Unfortunately I have also have had to compost my fair share because I stored them improperly. Now when I buy in bulk I do everything I can to make sure that we use it all up. My nuts come in large bags from costco or from bulk bins. When I get home a fill jars with nuts to use now. It is important to remember to use a jar that will fit only the nuts you can eat within one or two weeks. Chia seeds stay fine for much longer. I always keep flax in a jar in the freezer so that it does not go rancid. After I put my seeds in the jars I roll up the rest in its bags and put thme in a zip lock in the freezer. Simply  refill your jars as needed.

What we ate Wednesday


Good morning! I am attempting to get the hang of this whole blogging thing. Hopefully recurring posts will make me get the ball rolling. This morning we had oatmeal with maple syrup, raisins, cranberries, flaxseeds, Chia and walnuts.  I make oatmeal the cheater way by boiling water and pouring it over rolled oat already in the bowl. It’s the best way to make oatmeal because it’s done by the time I get myself and the 4 year old dressed. I do really love soaked oats as well but oat meal tends to be our we are running  late breakfast.