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Corner Mint Garden
Front Garden Flowers in June



We grow catnip in the corner of the front yard. It’s a lovely bushy silvery green plant that smells a bit weedy when touched. Catnip is an easy plant to grow and takes a far amount of shade. We keep catnip both to use in tea for us and to entertain our cats in the winter.


If you want to grow catnip you can easily  find a started plant at your local nursery.


You could save some money and start your catnip from seed if you would like more than one plant. Be warned that catnip is in the mint family and can be a bit invasive. To get around this, you may either plant it in a pot or in a space that you don’t mind it taking over. My plan is to put my new little plants in the corner of the yard under a bush that could use some brightening up. 20160630_130305

When you are ready to preserve your catnip simply  cut it, bind it and hang it. Never cut more than 2/3 of any plant in the mint family to keep it healthy.  When you hang herbs to dry it is best to find an airy, dry place that does not get direct sun. I don’t have a place that is all of those things so mine go up in the window.

Corner Mint Garden


Mint is my favorite herb! I have an adoration of edible invasive plants, I love that they are hard to kill, easy to harvest and fun to share. I am always willing to share my mint family plants but only if you will use them! I also prefer that  if I give you a share of my plant you not trap it in a pot. ( odd I know) this corner garden is the home to peppermint and my family favorite chocolate mint.  we grow chocolate mint, apple mint, peppermint, cat nip, and lemon balm!  this year we also added strawberry mint to the mix.  I want to find a orange mint, and grapefruit mint but I have not seen them this year and  am not sure where I would stick them.


Front Garden Flowers in June


In Colorado June is the month for flowers! my front garden at this house is full of flowers planted by my mother, myself and my favorites showed up of their own accord. The oxeye daisy pictured above has placed itself in the center on the front lawn. When I mow I am very careful to not cut a singe one down because they look so happy. the oxeye in considered a class 2 noxious weed because it is very successful in choking out crops. with that in mind I have a spot in the back yard that I would love to grow a few of these because I love them and an added bonus to these sweet little invaders is that you can eat them!


Every year the kids and I grew a pot or 2 of petunias because we like plants and these are cute. ( Do I need another reason?)


These pansy’s grow under the hedge in our flower border with a hand full of other plants. I am particularly proud of these flowers because I started them from seed last year. while you can eat these and I do decorate a cake here and there with them, we mostly just leave them in the yard or cut one for a bud vase from time to time.


Last year we had some snap dragons we started from seed in the border and this one made a come back. my boys really enjoy making snap dragons talk by  pinching the flower. next year I think we will add more so that my garden can have more little boy entertainment.


This Sage is in full bloom in the rose bed not bothered by the annoying bind weed and wood bine I need to pull weekly. If you are hoping to feed the bees plant common garden sage.  my common sage blooms and is covered in bees all the time. I of course use my sage for cooking and I make cleaner with it but I always let this plant bloom for the bees!


Last but not least are my mothers roses. We planted these roses like 17 years ago in honor of my grandmother. When the roses were planted most of them were yellow , red and orange, but as time passed they went pink and a few decided they were climbing roses.  Last year I tried to dig out the climbing roses but they had other plans and not only came bake but bloomed like mad this year.