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What we ate Wednesday
Tip Tuesday
Making of the star boy hats
My Scrap Blanket

What we ate Wednesday


Left over soup!

Does everyone make left over soup or is this unique to my family? When I was little my mother always made leftover soup around once a week. We make leftover soup about every other week because I send left overs for lunch. Left over soup is one of the simplest things you can make. Just pull out a pot, toss in all your leftovers, and cover with broth. This last batch was good but a tad odd as it had taco filling a mint risotto. The key is to taste and add seasoning to complement the dominant flavor. In the case of this soup it was mint! How do you fix minty chicken soup? I added some red curry paste and it was AMAZING!

So why not make some left over soup? …..

It will save you money.

It is fast.

Best of all it tastes like it was a lot of work.


Tip Tuesday


Craft ahead. Now that the major holidays are passed I look at what needs to be done while our days are still slow. My son will need to have a hand made card for each of his class mates for valentine’s day. I like to add somthing  special to them. This year I have already crochet 30 of these little hearts and have them tucked away. This week I will make make 4 or 5 larger hearts for teachers. Crafting ahead saves my sanity.

My Scrap Blanket


I started this blanket a few months ago and it will take me years to finish.  The blanket is made with all the odd and end yarn left after projects are done. I am extremely excited about this project as it satisfies my desire to not waste anything but also my desire for a deeper connection to the world and my friends and family.