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What we ate Wednesday
Buy nuts and seeds in bulk.
What we ate Wednesday.
Tip Tuesday
Tip Tuesday
Tip Tuesday
Making of the star boy hats
Goals For July 28th to August 4th
July Blanket Update and silly crochet.

What we ate Wednesday


Left over soup!

Does everyone make left over soup or is this unique to my family? When I was little my mother always made leftover soup around once a week. We make leftover soup about every other week because I send left overs for lunch. Left over soup is one of the simplest things you can make. Just pull out a pot, toss in all your leftovers, and cover with broth. This last batch was good but a tad odd as it had taco filling a mint risotto. The key is to taste and add seasoning to complement the dominant flavor. In the case of this soup it was mint! How do you fix minty chicken soup? I added some red curry paste and it was AMAZING!

So why not make some left over soup? …..

It will save you money.

It is fast.

Best of all it tastes like it was a lot of work.


Buy nuts and seeds in bulk.


Buying nuts and seeds in bulk will save you tons of money, but only if you use them up. I always buy my nuts and seeds in bulk because we use them daily. Unfortunately I have also have had to compost my fair share because I stored them improperly. Now when I buy in bulk I do everything I can to make sure that we use it all up. My nuts come in large bags from costco or from bulk bins. When I get home a fill jars with nuts to use now. It is important to remember to use a jar that will fit only the nuts you can eat within one or two weeks. Chia seeds stay fine for much longer. I always keep flax in a jar in the freezer so that it does not go rancid. After I put my seeds in the jars I roll up the rest in its bags and put thme in a zip lock in the freezer. Simply  refill your jars as needed.

Tip Tuesday



Hang dry your hot peppers. Back in October I hung all the hot peppers I thought I would need to dry. They hung on a hook in the sitting room until I had time to deal with them. Now in December I slid them off the string into the jar and have lots of peppers ready to use anytime.

Goals For July 28th to August 4th



Cooking Goals

  • Make snacks to freeze for the coming school year.
  • Make bread
  • Cook up and use chicken I got on sale.
  • Makes fresh pasta
  • Try a new recipe. I think I will go with another one from smitten kitchen, since I am too lazy to search else where.  I have spinach i need to use so I may have to try this yummy looking slab pie.   (

Cleaning Goals

  • Catch up on laundry.( I always fall behind)
  • Make laundry soap.
  • Clean each room for 10 minutes a day.
  • Clean Fridge
  • Clean and organize the kitchen drawers and cabinets.
  • Clean and organize the hall closet.

Crafting Goals

  • Crochet more baby hats for gifts.
  • Work on scarf.
  • Cut out 4 lunch bags.
  • Sew lunch bags?
  • Start thinking up Christmas gifts.


  • Clean the chicken coop.
  • Put chicken wire on the bottom of the rabbits home.
  • Get the boys to start harvesting rabbit food for me.
  • Look up and maybe try to ferment chicken food. ( hoping this will save us money on chicken feed)


  • ferment garlic (This has been on the list for almost 2 months)
  • Can beans.
  • Dry herbs for tea.


  • Weed all beds.
  • sort seeds for fall planting
  • plant out more buckwheat
  • Earth up potatoes
  • Update the garden note book.


  • Forage for goose berries
  • Try the new work out video at least 2 times.
  • Take the boys for a hike.
  • Go the the library
  • Go to bed at 9:30 pm
  • Wake up at  5:30 am


July Blanket Update and silly crochet.

20150720_094130 20150720_101335


while the last few months have been super crazy I have managed to find the time to work on my blanket and work on this super silly hat for my friends new baby. I had some lovey friends give me more yarn for my blanket and I delight in seeing it grow as I add each  persons yarn.  As for the hat….well I think it speaks for its self. Although I have to say the hardest part was finding breast colored yarn locally that was soft enough for a baby and not too expensive.


20150720_094201 20150720_085118


This morning my little and I made scones with some blueberries we bought at the farmers market and some raspberries we picked from the garden. these scones were so easy to make and they taste great! I used a recipe from my favorite cooking blog smitten kitchen ( These were so simple that the 3 year old did most of the work and they came together in less than 10 minutes. I did make a few changes to the recipe to make use of what we had. first I added raspberries from the garden and I also replaced the wheat flour with oat since I am out of whole wheat.