Tip Tuesday
Tip Tuesday
Tip Tuesday
Tip Tuesday
Tip Tuesday
Tip Tuesday.
Making of the star boy hats
Tip Tuesday
Goals For July 28th to August 4th
July Blanket Update and silly crochet.

Tip Tuesday


Craft ahead. Now that the major holidays are passed I look at what needs to be done while our days are still slow. My son will need to have a hand made card for each of his class mates for valentine’s day. I like to add somthing  special to them. This year I have already crochet 30 of these little hearts and have them tucked away. This week I will make make 4 or 5 larger hearts for teachers. Crafting ahead saves my sanity.

Tip Tuesday



Hang dry your hot peppers. Back in October I hung all the hot peppers I thought I would need to dry. They hung on a hook in the sitting room until I had time to deal with them. Now in December I slid them off the string into the jar and have lots of peppers ready to use anytime.

Tip Tuesday



Save your marigold seeds. I love marigolds they make lovely chicken treats, tate tea, look so nice and ward of bugs. What’s not to love about these amazing little flowers. Back in October I pulled all of the flowers off of my biggest healthiest marigold plant. I than had my 7 year old sew them all together and hung them to dry. Now in December while the ground out side is frozen solid I pulled them down and pulled out the seeds. My dining room now smells like marigold and I have a jar full of seeds for my 4th year of free marigolds.

Tip Tuesday.


Make your own laundry  soap. I change what kind I use every few months. because honestly I get sick of making the same kind but I think this one will stay around for a while. I am currently  using a dawn dish soap based recipe.  I found  the recipe  on pintrest  (what can’t you find on pintrest?)

To make a one gallon batch.

*1 gallon  container with a tight fitting  lid

*3 tablespoons of borax

*3 tablespoons of washing soda

*2 table spoons blue dawn dish soap.

Here is the link to the original  recipe



Goals For July 28th to August 4th



Cooking Goals

  • Make snacks to freeze for the coming school year.
  • Make bread
  • Cook up and use chicken I got on sale.
  • Makes fresh pasta
  • Try a new recipe. I think I will go with another one from smitten kitchen, since I am too lazy to search else where.  I have spinach i need to use so I may have to try this yummy looking slab pie.   ( http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2013/12/breakfast-slab-pie/)

Cleaning Goals

  • Catch up on laundry.( I always fall behind)
  • Make laundry soap.
  • Clean each room for 10 minutes a day.
  • Clean Fridge
  • Clean and organize the kitchen drawers and cabinets.
  • Clean and organize the hall closet.

Crafting Goals

  • Crochet more baby hats for gifts.
  • Work on scarf.
  • Cut out 4 lunch bags.
  • Sew lunch bags?
  • Start thinking up Christmas gifts.


  • Clean the chicken coop.
  • Put chicken wire on the bottom of the rabbits home.
  • Get the boys to start harvesting rabbit food for me.
  • Look up and maybe try to ferment chicken food. ( hoping this will save us money on chicken feed)


  • ferment garlic (This has been on the list for almost 2 months)
  • Can beans.
  • Dry herbs for tea.


  • Weed all beds.
  • sort seeds for fall planting
  • plant out more buckwheat
  • Earth up potatoes
  • Update the garden note book.


  • Forage for goose berries
  • Try the new work out video at least 2 times.
  • Take the boys for a hike.
  • Go the the library
  • Go to bed at 9:30 pm
  • Wake up at  5:30 am


July Blanket Update and silly crochet.

20150720_094130 20150720_101335


while the last few months have been super crazy I have managed to find the time to work on my blanket and work on this super silly hat for my friends new baby. I had some lovey friends give me more yarn for my blanket and I delight in seeing it grow as I add each  persons yarn.  As for the hat….well I think it speaks for its self. Although I have to say the hardest part was finding breast colored yarn locally that was soft enough for a baby and not too expensive.