Buy nuts and seeds in bulk.


Buying nuts and seeds in bulk will save you tons of money, but only if you use them up. I always buy my nuts and seeds in bulk because we use them daily. Unfortunately I have also have had to compost my fair share because I stored them improperly. Now when I buy in bulk I do everything I can to make sure that we use it all up. My nuts come in large bags from costco or from bulk bins. When I get home a fill jars with nuts to use now. It is important to remember to use a jar that will fit only the nuts you can eat within one or two weeks. Chia seeds stay fine for much longer. I always keep flax in a jar in the freezer so that it does not go rancid. After I put my seeds in the jars I roll up the rest in its bags and put thme in a zip lock in the freezer. Simply  refill your jars as needed.

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